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The big list of TV changes, updates and fixes

CatchUp has expanded to 48 hours

CatchUp has been expanded to be twice as long. Channels that are recorded in CatchUp now are kept for 48 hours. There are still a handful of channels as well being kept for as long as 2 weeks (Global Calgary for example).

PPV UFC events can now be recorded

UFC events can now be recorded after they have been purchased in Pay Per View. Other events and movies in PPV are still not recordable.

Fixes to series recording

An update that was deployed recently fixed most of the remaining issues we had with series recording failing to record. This should mean no more missed General Hospital episodes or series recordings going missing. 

Series recording now only record unique items

When creating a series recording, in the past subscribers would get every airing of a show even if they already had a previous recording of the same show. Now the system recognizes that a specific show has been recorded in the past and will not create a recording for something already in your library.

Some television shows do not have unique information about what the show is about. A popular example of this is "Border Security". We have done our best to identity the shows like this to make sure they record all episodes for subscribers. The list of the shows we've tagged is below. If you find any that are missing please let me know and we'll add them.

  • TMZ
  • Tosh.O
  • Paw Patrol
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Playlist
  • Trailer Park Boys
  • Alaskan Bush People
  • Dr. Phil
  • Commodities Report
  • The Amazing Race Canada
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Marilyn Denis Show
  • Border Security
  • Big Brother
  • The Morning Show 

Fix for dropping playback while Fast Forwarding

If you have ever tried fast forwarding a program out of your DVR or CatchUp TV and had the show boot you out, that won't happen anymore. As a result, subscribers may notice that fast forwarding is slower than it has been in the past off the start. This will only affect you for the first few minutes of the recording while the recording is downloaded in the background, and then fast forwarding will resume its normal speed.

Emergency Alert System

We launched an Emergency Alert System a few weeks ago. This system will activate when a message that affects our geographic region is received. The television will emit a tone and a EAS alert will be displayed in a black bar across the top of the screen. You can hit “stop” to stop the message, or the message will automatically disappear after 8 minutes.

Channel 999 has been added and subscribers can browse to this channel to see all active EAS alerts in Alberta.