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The lowdown on how to watch NHL games on TV

Over the past two weeks, our support team has received a lot of phone calls from hockey fans who are having trouble finding the games of their favourite teams. We all remember watching Hockey Night in Canada back in the day and never having trouble finding the games. The NHL and you are now three seasons deep into the $5.2-billion deal with Rogers which awarded them broadcasting rights for 12 years. Here's what you need to know to catch your game.

Hockey junkies guide to what days and channels games are on.

Do you love watching any team face off? Here's what you need to know about national NHL coverage.
  1. Most (but not all) Canadian hockey games air on Sportsnet (SN) channels. Not all SN channels are available in the base pack, so you may have to add a theme package to catch all the games. More of this later.
  2. There is a logic to what channel the shows the games, despite it seeming confusing.
    • Wednesday night games air on Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey. Will typically be on SN One, SN 360, or both.
    • Thursday night games on SN 360 will show Canadian teams playing the majority of the time. NBC coverage also has some coverage for teams from south of the border.
    • Saturday night is still the best night to watch hockey. Games air across CBC, City, and SN channels.
    • In rare circumstances, due to non-hockey programming conflicts such as UFC events or the Major League Baseball postseason airing on SN One and/or 360, SN West may air different games.
  3. Want to know for sure which channel to tune to for a game? Check out the NHL schedule on You can sort by team and date, and see what network the game is airing on. 

Do you own a named jersey or have a decal logo on your truck?

If you're like most of our subscribers, you believe in Flames Nation or Oil Pride, and despise the opposite. We're not taking sides in the Battle of Alberta between our subscribers, so we have all the channels for both fan bases to watch their teams.
  1. Not all games are nationally broadcast, but the SN regional feeds, TSN3 and TSN4 do a pretty good job covering games. 
  2. Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames have an agreement with SN West and the companion  to air up to 60 regular-season games. Each team also has a companion channel - SN Oilers and SN Flames - that show games.
  3. Calgary Flames: Sportsnet West
    • Edmonton Oilers: Sportsnet West
    • Montreal Canadiens: Sportsnet East / City Montreal (English); RDS (French)
    • Ottawa Senators: TSN5 (English); RDS / RDS2 (French)
    • Toronto Maple Leafs: Sportsnet Ontario (16 games) TSN4 (26 games)   
    • Winnipeg Jets: TSN3
    • Vancouver Canucks: Sportsnet Pacific

What you need to do to catch as many games as possible on O-NET.

Our base package includes Sportsnet One and West. This will cover you for some of the games, but if you want to see more games you can subscribe to the Lower Bowl. It will round out your sports lineup with Sportsnet Flames, Oilers and 360. You'll also get the Golf Channel, Fox Racing, and the NBA Network.


Want to add Lower Bowl to your line up? We've made it easy. Just click the box below, let us know who you are, and you'll be enjoying sports in no time!