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Two Cowboys showcase O-NET in video

A video about how O-NET and Olds, AB lead by example.

Two Cowboys and a Camera travel the globe searching for people and organizations that are creating new opportunities and products that can change the world. They recently visited Olds to learn more about how O-NET is leading the nation with our Internet, phone and television services. It is the Two Cowboys second visit to Olds. They recently showcased Olds College Brewery in this video

“It's the pinacle of how we evaluate Internet right now.”

- Nathan Kusiek | Director, Business Development at O-NET 


"We believe these people hold the keys to a purposeful and happy life. They are the foundation of our communities and drive the engine of our world. We should be inspired by what they do. We can learn from them, and discover the value of making something for ourselves and others. That is why we work every day at promoting them.

“With options, people can weather the storm.”

Yes, high-speed Internet is bringing more business to Olds. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Alberta. It is the term "capacity" that got our attention. Having the infrastructure created more capacity for the community overall. People took control of their destiny. It contributes to better business, education, entertainment, communication, and innovation. It enriches people's lives in Olds. There is no end to the possibilities it offers the people of the community.The biggest value of the investment is its ability to give the members of Olds options. With options, people can weather the storm.

As Canada’s first community-owned and operated Fibre-to-the-Premises network, O-NET brings together and delivers unique broadcasting, phone and Internet services to their residential and business customers. They have the fastest Internet in the country, the latest high-definition television features, fully customizable telephone systems, mass data storage and unlimited capacity for virtual private networks and other computer systems. The town stepped into the 21st Century. The rest of Alberta fell behind." 

Hendrik van Wyk | @hendrikvanwykhendrikvanwyk